The Leaders’ Way

What is a leader? Does it make any difference if you are a leader or a member? What does leaders do? How they were able to manage their members? How about being a manager, what are the difference between being a leader and being a manager?

If you have same thoughts as mine, then you’ve reached the right place. We are happy to share any knowledge that we have about being a leader and the uses of technologies to every organization.


Steamer: A good technology for Organization Leaders

The first impression counts for an organization leader, right from the clothing to speech to personality. Imagine of your boss coming for a make-or-break meeting with a creased shirt. Despite the price and the quality of the clothing, the implementation of the resolutions from that meeting will be invaluable. A clothes steamer comes in handy as the best way to remove wrinkles. Jiffy J-2 Steamer is one of the renowned garment steamer ideals for organization leader because of the following reasons

· It is faster

· It needs no setting of temperature

· It is light in weight hence portable

· Can revolve in a 360-degree dimension

· Flexible and durable because of the outer coating made from aluminum

Organization leaders have little time for personal grooming due to the work schedule, at the same time, personal outfit determines their success in the career. Clothes steamer overrides the use of iron boxes because of the plug-and-use technology. In an iron box, you have to have a flat surface and place an insulated clothing before you start ironing. A clothes steamer can move in different directions, in fact, when an organization leader sits for long hours, their clothes tend to be creased, you can just plug the garment steamer and straighten the clothing while you have it on; that is a dream with an iron box, you will burn.

In addition, the fusible link that automatically switches off the steamer is a safety precaution, with their busy schedule, they are bound to forget the simplest of tasks like turning off the iron box which can be hazardous.

The brass coupling helps in temperature regulation ideal for all kind of fabrics. Some of the fabrics are sensitive to high temperature. A clothes steamer uses the principle of heat and pressure on the clothing. The heat is responsible for disintegrating the molecule particles into smaller atoms from the stronger bonds in the compound, with the impact of pressure on the broken atoms, the clothes straighten in a bid to form a new compound based on the current atoms – a much lesser chemical bond.

As an organization leader, you can change from a formal meeting to an informal meeting to a gym all in a matter of hours. In some of the cases, extra clothing to suit your work schedule come in handy, how will you iron your clothes? Do you even have the space and time for the exercise? Get a garment steamer in your office premise to maintain your status and class despite the tight work schedule. It will offer the flexibility and convenience you require in the line of duty. In fact, I will save you the embarrassment of having to appear before your employees looking shaggy and clumsy.

The best garment steamer depends on your purpose, use the digital information tool to interact with manufacturers and other users to prove efficiency and effectiveness of your cloth steamer of choice.

The flexibility of a garment steamer compared to an iron box enhances a hassle free life in grooming for an organization leader.

Help of Technology for Photographer


Photography is used for multiple things; memories, parties, wedding pictures, school, work/criminal work, etc etc. And it is very diverse everywhere in the media. Now now, with photography, you will need some important tools to make one thing well loved for your beautiful pictures; the quality. Is it, as they say, 720-1080 hp or is it very clean and crisp? I hope so, and others do as well too. With one of the most important and most popular and loved things about photography IS all about the quality of it overall; including the background, composition, colors, etc and more. So here is some help on technology for the photographer to improve your overall status of taking pictures. Even for those who has iPhones and wants to start their career early and running.

 Tips and Tricks For iPhone Photographers-

For those who want to start their business career early to start from the bottom and go on their way to the top… I have your back. For taking pictures, hold your finger in a certain place to do an AE lock. The AE lock is where you can actually lock your brightness so you won’t have to fully lose it so you don’t have to move around to get the correct lighting you want.

Another way to help is to use HDR for certain photos to make your photography skills look crisp, clean and professional. With HDR, it “freezes” the photo in a way to make it stabilize and fixes the lighting everywhere, as well it also makes the photos more sharp, crisp, and more “bright” in a certain way.

 DSLR/Point and Shoot Cameras-

With either DSLR cameras or Point and Shoot camera, there are a whole lot of diversity and there are many cameras to choose from. From the price of $250 to the price of almost $2,000… or even way more! For example, the Nikon Point and shoots are up for a great price and are acquainted with great quality photos. Like the Nikon Coolpix series, they are up for sale from 250-600 US dollars. Like the Nikon Coolpix series, they are up for sale from 250-600 US dollars.

Or, you can go up on the pricier side if you do not have to go onto the tighter budget side, as with some of the point and shoots for example. With the Canon t5 series, the t3i and up are very, very great video taking and picture taking cameras with superb quality. From clean, bright crisp 1080 hp to 4k video recording and extravagant photo quality that meets all of the professional photographer’s requirements, these can definitely help you even if you are an amateur as well. You can also buy a tripod supporting your camera to stand  to make your image more focused

In conclusion, these some helping tips and tricks on technology for the photographer to improve your overall status of taking pictures. These can improve your Android quality photos, to clean, crisp, and better than the iPhone 7 picture quality pictures… and that says quite a bit. With all this information, you can become a professional photographer in days, weeks, or even hours.

How technologies can change ping pong

Ping pong player acknowledges the fact that the game is very simple on the surface. There is a huge impact of technology on the way table tennis has evolved. In the recent few years technology has made it possible for table tennis to accomplish its maximum potential.

There were no sticky rubbers or fancy sponges on the paddles of ping pong, Every player must bought one. The bat used for the game was wooden with a sand paper which enables slight friction when a ball comes in contact and as an outcome, no spin has ever been observed during the game practically.

The strategy was in practice more than power or speed by ping pong players. There were more long rallies due to the fact that ball moves much slowly.

With the advanced technology used in the game, modern day table tennis paddle has an entirely different look. The paddle has red color on one site and black on the other side which enables for a flexible rocket; there is one side with a rubber allowing spin, the other side, however, lacking any spin.

The technology has impacted a lot on the spin components, stronger and better power of hitting and fast speed in the game and has been revolutionary.

Here we will discuss the components technology has improved as far as ping pong is concerned.

  • Rubber:

One of the key components of table tennis is the paddle surface which hits the ball. Against 9 feet long table the ball has to move at 70mph speed, with efficient and strong power rubber surface it is an extraordinary way to play and win the game.

To enhance the friction between the ball and the paddle, the paddle is composed of a surface offering high friction which tends to increase sideward forces. There is an excellent spinning of a ball when high force and prolonged time are added. Hence we can say that the game speed has been increased dramatically with the help of technology. New rubber technologies have been introduced in the game by STIGA which include NCT, trans-tension, and Oxygen capsule system.

  • Blade:

Blade specialization is a key without which paddle would not appear to be powerful due to the lack of strong foundation. As per preference of players, the blades used can be changed; this enables a lot of variations in playing style. The most famous table tennis manufacturers “Butterfly” made use of paddles and tools continuously projects in latest areas to make a fine fiber product which is used in the paddles.

  • Ball:

The customary ball which was used to just play table tennis was incredibly light in weight i.e. 2.7 grams with a size of almost 40mm. The increased mass volume ratio of the ball means it is vulnerable to the sleek forces as compared to other balls used in the sports, this also enables easy drag and spin but at the same time, it is tough to respond to it. Players of table tennis now days have to get plenty of training to make them able to react to aerodynamic forces so that they can carry out the chain of athletic moves.


Table tennis is a game which is under a strong impact of technology, as it is a game in which players are much closer and few millimeters difference can result in error or win, the application of technology is likely to play a huge role to make the game more popular.


A table saw is a circular saw that is attached at the bottom of a table with a protruding blade through a slot.It is usually electric/ motor run and thus consumes less human energy. Table saws are mainly used to cut wood, plastic, and aluminum.

The earliest inventions of the table saw are believed to have been as early as the 17th century, then referred to as a circular saw and since then, technology for table saws has evolved immensely.


Types of Table Saws:


  1. Portable Table Saw; This type of saw can be moved from one place to another making it ideal for projects done at clients’ premises. The motor is usually smaller and noisier and is mostly used for outdoors.
  1. Cabinet Table Saw; Made of cast steel and iron, it is an industrial saw. It can cut through hardwood with ease. It is less noisy that the portable and contractor saw as it has a bigger motor.
  1. Contractor Table Saw; It is also a portable saw which is recommended for hobby woodworking with the help of wood lathe. It also has a noisy motor as the motor is not enclosed.
  1. Hybrid Table Saw; This is in-between of the portable saw and the cabinet saw. It is more affordable, has an enclosed motor making it quieter. It is recommended for beginners who have eyes ongoing professional without making further investments.
  2. Check this site: for more types of Table saws

The most remarkable advancements in table saw technology include;

  • The L-Fence: This is basically two boards fixed at a 90-degree angle. It is a table saw add-on that helps in the making of easier tenons and rabbets. It is used together with a dado head
  • The Dado Head; This is a type of blade that is used to make grooves/dados in the material being cut.
  • The Push Stick: This is a narrow wooden strip used to push material for cutting through the table saw. By the nature of its work, the push stick has been upgraded over time to suit different users.
  • Jigs; Jigs come in different types to solve differently and are every woodworker’s special ingredient. They provide a good finish to the different cuts on the work -piece.
  • Featherboards: This is a safety tool for keeping a work -piece flat and stationary by applying pressure against it.
  • The Motor; While the original table saw was manually operated, over time, motor-run table saws have replaced manually controlled ones.

Some of the areas that technological advancement is sought in table saws include;

  • Speed; Every machine operator hopes to increase the speed of the machine they use and this applies to the table saw users.
  • Utility; It is hoped that the table saw will be able to increase its utility from just the wood, plastic and aluminum cutting to other hard material like hard metal and stone. This would come in handy for workers who work with different materials to have the same machine for different cuts.
  • Computerization; The epitome of any mechanical equipment is the digitization of its functions which would mean less manual labor. Computerization of the table saw would be the greatest of the improvements for the current table saw.

While the technology for table saws has only just begun, the technological inventions so far have given it immeasurable advancement to other types of saws and more is expected from this lucrative industry.





Use of technology for flushing toilet

The advent of technology takes industrialization to a new level. There is no industry left in technological innovation, instead, it defines industrial advancement and enables the achievement of millennium development goals. In the sanitation industry, it enhances hygiene ranks as well as defines class, fashion, and modesty. A flush toilet is a modern form of sanitation fixture after it evolved from pit latrines(Check this out for more equipment needed in your toitel: . The science behind flush toilets clearly shows technological innovation on its functionality. Who knew that at one point you would remove waste in a sitting position? Squatting was the order of the day from the ancient days. In fact, it is more advance with water piping to clean oneself, instead of wiping using tissue papers.

Without improved water systems in an area, flush toilets are invaluable. The manufacturer of toilet bowls in a circular shape helps one to sit comfortably and excrete. Plumbers have to use various scientific principles to ensure there is a conveyance flow of water from the bowl to the pipe and finally to the septic tank.

The most amazing thing in modern flush toilet is that, in just a simple press of a button, you release enough water to the bowl, with intense pressure, the human waste is quickly dissolved and the semi-liquid state of the waste through gravity allows smooth movement to the tank without it splashing over to the user.

In the early 1980s, Africans found it a very weird operation, where one removes human waste in the house. Now that is what defines urbanization and modernity. Funny enough, there must be a level of water maintained in the toilet bowl to occupy space so that gasses from the septic tank does not come back and mix in the toilet.

 How does this technology work?

The reservoir tank is controlled by a valve, which once you press the button, it pushes the valve to release water, at the same time more water flows into the flush tank. Once it reaches the optimum level, the valve automatically closes itself, waiting for the next ignition. Inside the flash pump, water moves through gravity via an s-shaped pipe- a smaller volume to avoid a relapse of water from the toilet bowl to the tank, and remember water cannot move against gravity. There is the siphon technology, which absorbs and directs all the waste mixed with water to the siphon tube and further to the pipe connecting the flush toilet to the septic tank. Once it reaches the septic tank, which is at a lower level than the septic tank; water column is maintained, the valves closes itself and the toilet water levels move back to normal and the cycle continues.

Technology in the sanitation industry improves the lifestyle of urban households. As long as you have a constant water supply, a flush toilet is the ideal type of toilet for your home. Scientific principles of pressure, gravity, and surface area to volume ratio incorporated in the technology assists plumbers in making the flush toilet effective and efficient.


GPS as new technology generation

Make your outdoor adventure safer, with the help of a GPS system

A lot of people consider spending time in the outdoors, or in the wild, as one of the best life experiences. To enhance that experience, many have started using gadgets, that belong to a new generation of technology, such as the Global Positioning System, or, more commonly known as, the GPS. In the past, people usually looked to escape to the wilderness, so as to avoid the trappings and pressures of the modern world, along with the nuisances and the luxuries of brand new technologies. Nowadays, many consider buying GPS as new technology generation, that has become extremely convenient, easy-to-use and simple, it is also a must have gear by many. Due to these features, GPS is nowadays seen as an irreplaceable tool for any backpacker, hiker, boater, mountaineer, skier and mountain biker.


Safer trekking with small gadgets

A new generation of technological devices has become exceptionally useful in helping people in the wilderness, thanks to their ability to operate without the aid of other kinds of technology, as well as simplicity of use. One of the best examples is the use of mobile or smartphones. There is hardly a person who will go into the wild, without carrying a mobile phone, for safety reasons. Just imagine yourself, getting lost deep in some woods, not being able to call someone for help. Even though the majority of mobile phones are not capable of operating in highly mountainous areas, you will still find them exceptionally useful, in almost any other geographical landscape.

A more advanced option

However, if you are the type of person, who always strives for more, and looks to go ever higher and deeper into the wilderness, satellite technology is the right tool for your adventure. In case you find yourself lost deep in a tropical jungle, or at the top of some tall mountain range, using a satellite phone would be a much better option, than using a mobile phone. This is simply due to the fact that, satellite phones, as well as GPS, are specifically designed to operate in areas where the signal is weak, or completely absent.

A new technological generation of GPS systems, is even more popular these days, than satellite phones. The main purpose of a GPS system is to allow you to determine your position, with an accuracy of within less than a dozen feet. With its help, you will not have the need to use a compass or make any complex calculations. A handheld GPS device operates by receiving signals from various satellites, that circle in a geosynchronous orbit, around the Earth. This way, you will get an accurate signal, almost anywhere, at any time.

The latest technological generation

The latest generation of GPS devices offers not only the exact point of location but also a slew of other features. The best and most popular devices on the market, come bundled with various new features, that include satellite-based weather information and XM satellite radio channels, in addition to standard GPS features. Some of these units are so technological advanced, that they can also display layered weather data, over the currently displayed map on the screen. This way, you will be able to determine the direction, from which a new weather system will come from.

In the end, a GPS is not only useful in case of emergencies. If you want to enjoy your favorite music, while trekking through the wild, you can use the XM satellite radio feature. With an appropriate soundtrack, your wild adventure will become much more enjoyable and rewarding.