How technologies can change ping pong

Ping pong player acknowledges the fact that the game is very simple on the surface. There is a huge impact of technology on the way table tennis has evolved. In the recent few years technology has made it possible for table tennis to accomplish its maximum potential.

There were no sticky rubbers or fancy sponges on the paddles of ping pong, Every player must bought one. The bat used for the game was wooden with a sand paper which enables slight friction when a ball comes in contact and as an outcome, no spin has ever been observed during the game practically.

The strategy was in practice more than power or speed by ping pong players. There were more long rallies due to the fact that ball moves much slowly.

With the advanced technology used in the game, modern day table tennis paddle has an entirely different look. The paddle has red color on one site and black on the other side which enables for a flexible rocket; there is one side with a rubber allowing spin, the other side, however, lacking any spin.

The technology has impacted a lot on the spin components, stronger and better power of hitting and fast speed in the game and has been revolutionary.

Here we will discuss the components technology has improved as far as ping pong is concerned.

  • Rubber:

One of the key components of table tennis is the paddle surface which hits the ball. Against 9 feet long table the ball has to move at 70mph speed, with efficient and strong power rubber surface it is an extraordinary way to play and win the game.

To enhance the friction between the ball and the paddle, the paddle is composed of a surface offering high friction which tends to increase sideward forces. There is an excellent spinning of a ball when high force and prolonged time are added. Hence we can say that the game speed has been increased dramatically with the help of technology. New rubber technologies have been introduced in the game by STIGA which include NCT, trans-tension, and Oxygen capsule system.

  • Blade:

Blade specialization is a key without which paddle would not appear to be powerful due to the lack of strong foundation. As per preference of players, the blades used can be changed; this enables a lot of variations in playing style. The most famous table tennis manufacturers “Butterfly” made use of paddles and tools continuously projects in latest areas to make a fine fiber product which is used in the paddles.

  • Ball:

The customary ball which was used to just play table tennis was incredibly light in weight i.e. 2.7 grams with a size of almost 40mm. The increased mass volume ratio of the ball means it is vulnerable to the sleek forces as compared to other balls used in the sports, this also enables easy drag and spin but at the same time, it is tough to respond to it. Players of table tennis now days have to get plenty of training to make them able to react to aerodynamic forces so that they can carry out the chain of athletic moves.


Table tennis is a game which is under a strong impact of technology, as it is a game in which players are much closer and few millimeters difference can result in error or win, the application of technology is likely to play a huge role to make the game more popular.